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When you have to write, it must be right

Your words are a reflection of you, your business and your strengths. Make sure you are conveying the correct message, and quickly.

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Content writing, press releases, speech writing, conversation training, media training,
writing coaching, product pitching

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Eye-catching titles and copy

Websites, Social Media, Press Releases

Think about an advertisement that pops up on your social media feed. You can 'skip ad' after 5-10 seconds. Companies paying large amounts of money for those advertisements need to get their messages across quickly and with a punch. And you need to think the same way as well. Whether it's a cover letter for your dream job, a meet and greet with business people you've never met, or a description of what you're looking for in a mate for a dating app, you need to be on your A game.  Let me help you make your first impression a great one!

Business Conference

Big help mastering small talk

One-on-One sessions

Let's be honest. You hate small talk. You dread having to enter a room filled with business people, all gathered in small groups, juggling a glass of wine and a plate of food in their hands. Admit it. You look at your watch and promise yourself you'll be back in your car in 30 minutes. Deep breath. Enter the room. Let the nightmare begin.
What if I tell you these events could actually be enjoyable? That they could get you new clients or business without having to say much? I've worked with numerous professionals from various backgrounds on how to overcome and embrace business events.
One of our biggest fears we have as humans is rejection. Therefore, the thought of introducing yourself to a group of people, only to receive a polite nod or (gasp) awkwardsilence can leave you wondering if they even care to know more.
Let's fix that insecurity. Let's work on an opening line about yourself that will make others feel your warmth and be intrigued by your profession. Don't introduce yourself as John Smith the realtor. Introduce yourself as John who is passionate about making sure people get the right house for their family. Study the age group of the people you are interacting with. Are they in their 30s? Then re-adjust your statement to reflect what their needs might be. You are John who is passionate about finding first-time homebuyers a house they can grow into without the stress of a huge mortgage. Is the group 50+? Then you become John, a realtor who who understands how difficult selling the beloved family home is when it's time to downsize. I'll show you how to quickly pivot to present yourself in the correct manner.

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To-the-Point Pitching

Get your message out in seconds

Do you find people's eyes start to glaze over when you begin your sales pitch? The potential client is looking at the clock, his phone, the wall...anywhere but you? Awkward. Well let me ask you this. How much do you know about your client? Are you pitching your product without having made a warm, human connection with your potential client? Did you know he or she just won an award? Did you read their latest LinkedIn post? You see, your product or service is actually less important than the impression you personally make on them. You need to sell yourself first. Make that connection. Ask them about themselves, their needs and their expectations. Whatever you're selling, you need to form the bond with the buyer, or you're not likely to walk away with the sale. I'll show you some techniques to help you feel confident walking into your sales pitch. And the techniques don't involve talking about your product.

Television Studio

Media Training

Be Prepared For Whatever Might Come Your Way

The media has taken a bashing over the past couple of years. As a former journalist I do have my opinions on coverage of topics I've seen, and coverage of topics that are lacking. But nonetheless, I'm now on the 'other' side of the fence preparing people like you for your day in the spotlight. And yes, I'll be your beacon on how to get media attention.
We'll discuss what questions you'll likely to be asked, and how to answer them. We'll do a couple of mock interviews. Don't be nervous about the tough questions. I'll show you how to get your message out, no matter what the question.
We'll discuss topics such as what to wear, how to set the tone and how to get out of hot water!

Portfolio Web Design

Have your website copy be WOW

What you need to catch your readers' attention

Websites are like store window fronts. A place for people to quickly glance and decide if they will go in. What does your website content say about you and your business? Does it look and sound like your competitors? Does your website scream 'I am better. I am different. You need me. Here's why...'
Writing or talking about oneself can be one of the hardest things we have to do. In fact, most of us will immediately think of our faults, instead of our strengths. I will have a casual conversation with you, where I can extract the great and positive things about your character and your business. Then, I will work my magic and put my findings into words. Leave the writing to me. Just be ready for a boom in business when people read how incredible you are at what you do.


Ready, set, write that book

It truly doesn't have to be painful

You've heard people say a million times they want to write a book. How many of those books have you seen published? That's what I thought.
Non-fiction books can be a great asset to your business, and frankly, your ego.
But where do you start? And how do you fit in writing a book with your busy work and home schedule?
Don't worry, I've got a plan for you. I've been helping non-fiction authors from around the globe for more than 10 years. Business professionals from industries including medical, self-help, fitness, real estate and personal coaches are just a few of the various occupations I deal with.
I'm not a book publisher. I'm the person who helps you get your book written, in an extremely timely and efficient manner. Hey, I even write the first two paragraphs of each chapter with you. We will work together to get what you need done. And, I'll keep you on track.
I'll teach you how to take a 3-minute speech and turn it into a complete chapter. I'll show you why walking around your house recording yourself will give you far more energy than being stuck in front of the computer. I'll give you my secrets on what to do if you're sitting at the computer and you can't think of one single word to write. Not a problem. Easy fix!
Need a book in a month? No problem. We'll set out a schedule of 3-4 hours a week to have a 7-chapter book complete. After that, it's up to you how and where you want to publish it. But by this point, the hard work is done.

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My story

I can’t sew a button on a blouse. I threw out my clothes iron years ago. I’m allergic to math problems.

However, I can write. I have a way with words and a way with people.

And I'm able to join the two in order to give you the confidence you need to talk and write about yourself and your business.

More than 25 years ago I began my career as a news journalist and quickly worked my way up the ladder to editor-in-chief of 10 publications. When it comes to writing great copy and making people feel comfortable when being interviewed, I'm an expert. We all have a skill in life that we are passionate about. I found mine. And I'm here to share it with you. I don't bite, and I don't judge. I simply get to know you, your fears, your strengths and from there, go forward with a plan to improve your ability to present yourself in the best possible way, be it written or verbal.

I’ve travelled to more than 30 countries; interviewed and written about heads of state; coached business professionals around the globe on how to write a book about their professions; currently own and operate my own B2B magazine for the airport industry in South America; have extensive experience on getting media attention; prepped senior politicians prior to media interviews; taken people’s cover letters and changed them from dull to dynamic. Phew. I hope my excitement for my craft exudes throughout this website. And I hope you’ll allow me to help you shine brighter than the star you already are.

--Wendy Gallagher

President, WAG Media

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Don't be shy. Use the message box to explain what you need to improve upon. I'm here to help you with content writing, conversation training, book editing, author coaching, press releases, media training and more. Let me give you and your company the wow factor you need to stand above your competition. I'm ready to get started. Are you?

Wendy Gallagher

WAG Media

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm thrilled you reached out. I will return your email shortly. Have a terrific day!

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